Following are the financial crunch of 2007, outsourcing began to grow exponentially. By outsourcing back office tasks to companies located in cheaper markets, businesses can benefit from lowered costs of labour. That's why a large part of our diversified business solutions include helping businesses with Business Process Outsourcing.
Besides saving on employee wages and benefits, employers also benefit from the lowered cost of ownership of office equipment and infrastructure and minimised HR management costs. Companies like Orazone Technologies have the opportunity to introduce a BPO business model to help businesses achieve this cost-cutting solutions.

Our team caters to all of your back-office business needs, providing you with high-quality, timely completion of tasks. We provide services in the following areas:

● Analytical Reporting
● Data entry
● Audio / Video Transcription
● Financial Accounting
● Internet Research
● GAP Analysis
● Audits
● Classified Ads