Orazone Technologies' Call Centre offers an extensive range of diversifed business solutions, including:

Inbound solutions

Outbound solutions

Customer support

Upsell and cross-sell

Sales and Services

Email Administration

Webchat communication

Tech / Desktop Support

Email Support

Inbound Solutions

Our agents are experienced in providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. In fact, we consider our exceptional customer care to be one of the things that sets us apart from others in the industry. When it comes to customer complaints and inquiries, we believe in fast and efficient communication as well as in seeking win-win solutions to every problem. Our method creates measurable rewards including customer retention, cost competence and business enlargement.

Outbound Solutions

From the moment a customer says “hello,” our outbound call center agents are prepared to do anything it takes to create enduring connections with your clients. We devise and dispense our services based on the industry's standards on income assurance, turnaround the response, fulfillment of customer needs, sales force efficiency, profit and precision and more. Whether you're checking in on loyal customers or boldly testing a new market, we're here to make sure that every call counts.

Customer Solutions

At Orazone Technologies, we understand just how essential first-class customer service is to every business. That's why when it comes to implementing any of our diversified business solutions, we take our own customer service very seriously and provide excellent services to our customers before, during and after a purchase. We believe that your success as a business depends on your ability to attain customers and to go beyond their expectations. Our agents are trained to provide a superior level of service in order to help you achieve these goals.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

You may be already aware of the many benefits of upselling and cross-selling. These strategies can be used to attract customer interest to a newly-improved a product, introduce them to products related to their interest, or even to introduce new products to an audience. If you've ever wondered how to upsell and cross-sell pitches could be effective for your business, let us show you how you could utilize these strategies to boost sales in order to help you achieve these goals.

Sales and Service

While there's no magic solution for creating sales success, our team believes that with our skill-set and experience, we can help you reach even your most ambitious goals. From the very beginning of our sales training and coaching program, our employees learn how to think strategically about each sale in order to make the most of the chance of a successful close. They do not learn scripted conversations and replied; they use their skills and experience to modify call now when required, based on the individual client's needs and the present scenario. Our team is condent, intelligent and keen to generate exceptional sales results for our customers. From the sales pitch to the closing and every step in between, each detail is analyzed and organized in order to yield the best possible results.

Email Support

Orazone Technologies can effectively handle email support services for a number of business processes, from the simple to the technically complex. Our agents are capable writers who are systematically trained to provide explicit and absolute responses to the clients as well as to the customers. Our systems are also prepared to rapidly access uniform answers to frequently asked questions. Our marketing experts agents can also propose the email marketing plans where we can help you in email campaigns like bulk emails or follow-up/welcome emails

Web / Live Chat

Companies are increasingly choosing to go to instant forms of communication, including short text message services and web chat. It's important to ensure that your business meets the current standards for keeping up with these technologies. The advantage of web chat is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with customers live and makes customers feel as though they are in a physical store interacting with real, live representatives. Agents can provide assistance to customers round the clock, which translates to better sales forecast and improved customer relations. Web chat is particularly effective for business' customer service platforms. Our web chat agents are trained in exceptional sales and client care, helping to ensure that your web chat experience is the next, the best thing to face to face communication.

Help Desk / Desktop Support

With helpdesk/desktop support, our agents can handle remote desktop support or related technical solutions online including troubleshooting, upgrading, software installations and many more online activities remotely. This service is available for software and hardware manufacturers and looking for their products after sales

support and services.

Online helpdesk/desktop support requires technically experienced and expert agents who can instantly troubleshoot the issue online and advise accordingly to the customers